Florida Keys and Everglade Photos
January 1998

Bob and I don't have a lot of vacation time, so when I wanted to go to the Everglades and Keys for some bird watching, we took just Friday off and planned a weekend trip. I made all the reservations on the internet - something common in current times but this was VERY unusual back in 1998! Most people told me I was crazy to trust "the web" :) I saved oodles with an airline discounter, got a discount with the rental car, and even one with our motel. And it all worked fine :)

Thursday, Jan 22
Driving to Key Largo and settling in.

Friday, Jan 23
Seeing the Key Deer, the alligators at Blue Hole, and watching the sunset at Key West.

Saturday, Jan 24
Exploring the Wild Bird Center and the Anhinga Trail, then out to Eco Pond.

Sunday, Jan 25
Driving back into Miami and exploring the city.

The Birding List

What did I like best? The first trail in the Everglades, with its diving Anhingas, gators, ibis, herons. The Eco Pond, a tree full of sleepy ibis (ibii?), an alligator lounging near the moorhen and coots. The sight of 17-20 ibis swooping in for a tree landing. Blue Hole, with sunbathing gators and a huge turtle.

The down side? The glades used to have so many birds they covered the sky. Now 20 is a large flock. The signs that 4 tiny Key Deer had already (in the 22 days of 1998) been killed. Key West was what I expected - very touristy, but a nice place to watch the ocean.

The Fish House was perhaps the biggest "pleasant surprise" - so divey on the outside, so yummy inside.

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