Alaska, Washington and Oregon
Travelogue 1998

My friend Sarah Doetschman, a friend from practically birth, had moved off to Switzerland and not been heard from since. Amazingly, she saw a reference to her on one of my web pages and found me again! She had moved to Fairbanks, Alaska. She got married, and was planning on going to Russia next. Alaska seemed the closest she'd be to me for a while. Plus, I had this desire to reach every state in the US :). I was able to wrangle a whole week out of Bob, and I made my plans.

Strangely enough, with the travelling Bob and I do cross country and over to Ireland, this was the first time that I felt any trepidation. I do a lot of camping and hiking, but the web pages and books on Alaska all warned about the dangers of bears, how to avoid upsetting moose, etc. With all of the warnings, I worried about going 200 miles from the nearest town with only a knife to defend us. It was a very strange feeling; usually I love being alone in the forest, and get as far from towns as I possibly can. Maybe the warnings are all for "city folk" who don't know how to deal with wild animals, but they spooked me a bit.

Saturday, Sept 12th
Getting into Anchorage, Alaska

Sunday, Sept 13th
Visiting Sarah in Fairbanks, Alaska

Monday, Sept 14
Roaming around the Kenai Peninsula

Tuesday, Sept 15th
Hiking on Exit Glacier

Wednesday, Sept 16th
More Roaming on the Kenai Peninsula

Thursday, Sept 17th
Exploring Washington State

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