Virginia Beach Travelogue -
September 1997

September 18th
We began our trip by driving down most of the way to DC. We stopped off in a motel in Delaware. The ride up until now was interesting, although much like our other rides through this area.

September 19th
OK, time to head into DC!! My great friend from high school, Caroline Milam, is working with the Department of Defense in Washington DC. We tracked down her building and got to see where she works, and then headed out to lunch. We found a great restaurant and talked and talked. I hadn't seen her in years! Finally it was time to go, though, and we promised to get together sometime soon.

Next we headed south ... south ... all the way down to Virginia Beach! It was a really interesting town. There was Oceania Naval Station to one side, the beach with its giant hotels, and then slums where the "regular people" lived. Depressing ... but it seems that's how most towns by beaches end up. Our main aim here was to see the NIGHT air show - a pretty rare occurrence. We love air shows, so seeing one at night was a special treat!

The show was awesome. Everything they blew up glowed in the night, and having the airplanes screaming overhead in the dark was great fun. They trailed glowing streamers behind them and dogfought and did many other maneuvres. Afterwards we tucked into bed.

September 20th
One is hardly enough - we stayed around the next morning for the day air show!! It wasn't nearly as fun as the night one, but it was still quite interesting. When we were done with that, it was time to head out.

We drove north back into the Washington DC suburbs, up to Karen and Liam's house. Karen and Liam are friends of Bob's from high school in New York. We stayed with them overnight, having a blast.

September 21st
The next day we went with Liam to the Maryland Renaissance Fair. What a blast!

Liam and Bob in garb

There were all sorts of great plays involving Shakespearian themes, animals, dagger throws, you name it. We dressed up, of course.

Avian exhibit

When we were done exploring every nook and cranny, we bid farewell to Liam and headed on home.

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