New York City - Highlander Movie Location Photos

I am a huge fan of the highlander. Such potential with a story of people who have lived a long time! It's the secret of playing an elf in Dungeons & Dragons - you have to try to think what it would be like to live for hundreds of years, to watch other people be born, live and die while your life marches on. Unfortunately the MTV-director missed a lot of that and cut the original script to shreds, but the cut-scenes he added were pretty snazzy ;)

Madison Square Garden, where it all began

Any Antique Dealer on Hudson Street could tell you that?

Double Glenmorangie

Ahhhh, GlenMORangie ...

You're not afraid of a little "Boom Boom" are you?

Lisa poses in the Very Spot the Highlander stood

Funny, it doesn't say you work for the Met ...

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