Biking and Walking on Cape Cod
May 1997

I spent the morning doing some research on the Massachusetts Third Infantry in New Bedford first - that's my current genealogical project, of the Civil War regiment. Once I was done, Bob and I headed with our road bikes out to the Cape. It was still off-season, even though the weather was gorgeous, so we got a great inexpensive room on the ocean.

The rooms were right on the ground floor up against their "back yard" which was ... the ocean! We had a fridge for sandwiches, plenty of room in the room for our bikes, and a lovely place to wander. Which we did - we explored the beach for quite a ways in each direction.

We then wandered down to the hotel where the Mensa Cape Cod RG was going on, and hung out there for a while. Lots of friends, lots of fun! Later on we had a good Irish pub dinner. We headed back to the hotel, where I walked the beach and wrote poetry while the waves crashed against the rocks. It was really peaceful and nice.

The next morning we woke early, had a grea breakfast, and got the bikes out. Cape Cod has some lovely bike trails! We headed down through cranberry bogs and all sorts of lovely landscapes. At one point we saw something in the road, which looked like a big rock. It was a turtle!! Worried that someone not as cautious would run it over, Bob carefully picked it up and moved it over to the side of the road. Here is him resting his hand on top of the turtle.

Here's me pausing beside a cranberry bog so you can see how lovely it was out!

When we finished the trail, we headed back home. I highly recommend biking on the Cape off-season!

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