My Yoga Routine

I've tried a number of yoga videos, classes, and retreats over the years. Here is my routine that I do each day. It takes 45 minutes to an hour depending on how I do it. You should customize your own routine to match your needs and desires! We are all different, and that's good :).

I do these outdoors on the back porch whenever possible. If not, I try to do them inside in the space between the kitchen work area and table. It's barely big enough for the yoga mat, but it means I can see both ahead to the suet feeder and to the side to the sunflower seed feeder while I do my poses.

Outdoor Yoga Tips Forward Standing Section
* Standing gently turning arm-flapping-like-open-coat-sleeves, 20 count, a la Kripalu.
* Half Moon pose / Crescent Moon Pose, facing forward and bending left and right
* Bend back like an Upward Salute but curling back more
* Then bend forward to floor, Rag Doll
... first palms to the floor, then arms crossed to deepen
... nod head five times, then shake head five times
* Tree pose / Vrksasana left and right

Sun Salutations - 2 rounds (one with left leg going back and forward, one with right)
* Stretch up and back
* stretch down to the ground
* Raise back to diagonally point up, hands on knees. Sort of like Half Standing Forward Bend / Ardha Uttanasana but the hands are right above the knees.
* Stretch down to ground again
* Put one leg back
* Put other leg back to Downward Facing Dog - Adho Mukha Svanasana
... "walk the dog" - release tension in one leg while pressing into other, and switching
* Shifting weight forward into plank
* Dropping hips down into cobra / Bhujangasana
* shifting weight back into downward facing dog
* bringing foot forward between hands to high lunge
* stand back up
* hand motion 1
... interlace fingers loosely before chest pointing forward, rotate them down, towards chest, up. Bring both hands up to sky and out wide to either wide, then down and back to chest. Do twice.
... hand motion 2 - my yoga teacher called this "heart opening namaste". Have both hands at chest, pointing towards teach other, thumbs towards the chest. Sweep them forward and out to the sides. Then rotate the thumbs to point up and bring the hands back in a wide swoop forward then in to the chest.

Warrior 2 sequence / Virabhadrasana II
* Start in Warrior 2 - but up in a triangle. Stretching your crown toward the sky. Settle down into warrior 2, equally balanced on both feet. Back up to triangle. Do this three times to really settle down into the warrior 2 pose.

* Turn both hands palm-up, imagine you're holding a giant ball, and rotate back so your front hand is towards the sky and your back one is down. Like Exalted Warrior but the back arm is palm up.

* Lean the forward fore-arm down on your forward leg. Rotate the back arm forward in a big circle three times. End with it pointing forward. You end up in Modified Side Angle - forward arm on forward leg, higher arm stretched forward over your head.

* While holding Modified Side Angle, Look down, then right, then up

* Rotate that "free arm" (the one not on your leg) up and back so it's loose. At the same time, rotate the on-leg arm so it's pointing straight up. Your legs are now up in a triangle. Sort of like triangle pose but you're stretching straight up rather than leaning forward.

* Lean forward over the front leg, parallel to the ground. Lace your hands behind you and stretch them down and back.

repeat in opposite direction

Remaining Standing Poses
* Warrior Pose I / Virabhadrasana I
* Hanging triangle - start standing with both feet pointing to the side of the mat, wider than shoulder-width apart. Stretch your crown to the sky for 15 seconds. Then bend at the waist so your head folds to point at the floor and your arms are crossed. Hang for 15 seconds.

Middle Section
* Tucked squat / Asian Squat
* Sit cross-legged (easy pose), interlace fingers and stretch them to the sky
* Cat Marjaryasana - Cow Bitilasana 10x
* Extended Child Pose / Utthita Balasana
* Rolling Cat-Cow 10x
... Start in extended child pose, roll up to cow, arch to cat, fall back into extended child pose.
* Extended Child Pose
* Half Lord of the Fishes / Ardha Matsyendrasana left and right

Floor Section
* Hurdler's Stretch - stretch right foot forward, bend left one back with foot by butt. Lean forward over right foot aiming to bring forehead to knee. Then reverse.

* Spinal twist - lay back flat. Stretch left arm out at a 90 degree angle, on the floor, to the left. Fold up left knee so foot is on floor and knee is pointing at the sky. Put right hand on left side of left knee and fold that knee / leg knee to the right, aiming to push the knee to the floor. Hold. Reverse.

* Dead bug pose / Ananda Balasana - the variant where arms and legs are pointing straight up at the sky

* Reclining goddess pose / Supta Baddha Konasana - feet soles touching, with hands up over head

* Bridge pose / Setu Bandha Sarvangasana - hold, then very slow release, vertebra by vertebra down to the ground.

* Corpse pose / Savasana

* Easy pose / Sukhasana - sitting cross legged. hands on knees.
... imagine tracing a halo with the crown of your head, clockwise, 5 times. reverse.
... imagine an orange is in front of your nose. Trace it clockwise, 5 times. reverse.

* hands to heart. Namaste

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