Inside Locations for Doing Yoga

When the outside world just isn't hospitible for yoga, my next bext thing is to be in the kitchen looking out on the back porch, and the feeder beyond. In the winter months, especially, this is great. The back sliding glass window faces west so I get the sun all afternoon long through this window. All our plants are against this window in the winter, so I get my gardenia, petunias, our pepper plants, the rose, and other plants to keep me company.

In the winter the hummingbird feeders on the shepherd's crook get traded for a suet feeder and a sunflower seed feeder. You can just barely see them in the center of this photo. They are off the back side of the porch. In essence in this photo we're looking through the glass at the location that I do yoga at in the summer.

Inside Locations for Doing Yoga

Yes, this is a tight spot. I have to move the kitchen table chair to make room. To the right immediately off-picture is the start of the kitchen counter. I don't want to slide the mat further right, though, because then I'd just be facing the wine fridge as I did yoga. As much as I like wine, that's not an ideal view :).

When I start with tree pose, I'm standing at the head of the mat, so right by the window and flowers. Even when I do warrior pose and such, I'm looking out the window, so it's relaxing.

In front of me there's a basil plant on the left, Julie's cat grass on the right, and then Julie herself is curled up in her cat bed against the glass.

Locations for Doing Yoga

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