Earth Yoga Leggings

I've used a variety of yoga pants over the years. I do yoga each morning, so having clothing that can move smoothly with me can be an important part of the hour-long session. Here are my thoughts on the Earth Yoga leggings.

Earth Yoga Leggings First, they're really pretty. I love the soft charcoal color of the main pants, and the grey tie-dye style top area is lovely as well. This is just the kind of quiet look I enjoy for my sessions. The ruched area by the ankles is a pretty touch.

I like that they're made from organic cotton and bamboo. I try to ensure the things I buy are helpful to the planet.

The leggings are meant to be clingy, and they definitely are. It can be a bit of a challenge to wiggle the toes down into them. Once they're on, they fit like a skin.

This would be good if the fabric was stretchy like skin is, so when you bend your knee the skin stretches and loosens to fit into the new configuration. However, for some reason the fabric ends up binding. So, for example, let's say I'm standing tall and preparing for tree pose. In the standing pose the leggings feel great and comfortable. I barely notice they are there. However, when I lift one foot and put it high on the other thigh, so my knee forms a sharp angle, the fabric on the inside of the knee now binds tightly in that bent area. It "digs in" to the underside of the knee. It adds a tension that shouldn't be there.

I found that in any pose that involved bending. If I stood up straight and then bent over to press my palms to the floor, so there was a sharp crease at my stomach, the fabric would bind into my stomach. I'm not sure if "bind" is the right word. It's where the fabric was bent and creased, it would pull tight and press into my body.

Maybe it's the spandex in the material? Maybe it's the way it's woven? I don't have this happen with other clothing I wear, so it's not just that my body is strangely shaped :). I'm 5'6" and 130 pounds so I'm within a normal weight range. It's not that I have thicker fatty areas that the clothing is pressing into.

I did try the leggings a number of times in case it was a break-in issue, but it continues to do it. So I think it's just something about the way the fabric is made or the materials used that is causing this. And since my yoga routine involves a lot of bends like this, like the hurdler's stretch, it doesn't make sense to have clothing on that cuts into me at each of those points.

So I'll give this three stars because it is made from good ingredients and looks lovely. It could be that it's just not meant for my body shape or yoga style. I'd be curious to hear if others find the same thing when they wear these.

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