DK Get Started Yoga - by Nita Patel

I've been doing yoga for many years and am always interested in learning and updating my knowledge. No matter where we are in life, we always have more to learn. That's why I was so interested in reading the DK Get Started Yoga book by Nita Patel.

DK Get Started Yoga - by Nita Patel My first comment is that the hardcover format makes it challenging to leave pages open to study the poses. Most yoga books I own are large-format paperback so they easily lay open. That way you can study the images and look at them while you're attempting them. With this, you have to prop it open. Also - and this is a bit surprising for a yoga book, with their innate philosophy of inclusiveness - but the entire book is about young, white, slim females. No males at all. No older women. No curvaceous women. There is ONE token dark-skinned woman, in one sidebar, and that's it. This book should be drawing all people in and having them feel included in the set. Surely they could have featured a variety of models?

The book starts with the basics - yoga is not just about exercise, but also helps with relaxation, healthy eating, and a healthy outlook on life. There are warm-ups, and then simple poses are shown. Modifications are included to accommodate those who for whatever reason can't quite do the poses as shown. I always like that. Then the book moves into sequences of poses and more challenging poses. It encourages readers to keep a yoga journal and to engage in other healthy activities.

I like all of that. I like that the photos are clear and descriptive. But I'm confused why the sequences switch from the clear photos to drawings, which don't help to convey the sense of the sequence well. I'm also confused why the poses never mention their "real names". Yes, it's good to know that something is "downward facing dog" which is the English name for it. But somewhere - even in the footer area! - they should mention that it is also known as Adho Mukha Svanasana. That way when those readers move on to websites and in-person instruction and other avenues, they have at least an inkling of what others refer to that pose as. Otherwise they will be lost.

So, how do I feel about this. If there weren't a plethora of other yoga books out there, I might say this was a great start. Nice, clear photos for the most case. Good descriptions of poses and modifications. Helpful information about eating well and keeping a journal. But with so many brilliant "get started" books on the market, that cover all of the deficiencies that this book has, I'm just not sure why someone would buy this book and not the many other choices.

I'll give this book 3/5 stars. It's certainly not bad or wrong - but there are so many better options out there.

I acquired my copy at the local library, for my own personal use.

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