Danskin Now Active Tank - Modesty Panel DL20T003

Danskin makes a series of yoga tops and active tanks that I enjoy. This active tank features a decorative modesty panel across the cleavage that makes it helpful for yoga.

Danskin Now Active Tank - Modesty Panel DL20T003 In terms of wearability, I prefer the Danskin with the thin straps and the open back. This would be a second choice, if all of my open-strap tops are currently dirty.

Also, I prefer the tops with the floral / paisley design on them. This one is fairly plain. Just the pale blue with the tiny decorative panel at the cleavage area. It also has two small decorative areas at the waist, one on each hip.

It is 95% cotton and 5% spancex. It's made in Guatemala, DL20T003 / BLUBHM / 52469.

So I'll say I like this top, and it's in the middle of what I'd reach for in my drawer of yoga clothing. Not my favorite, but not my least favorite either.

Danskin Now Active Tank DL20T003

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