Danskin Now Active Tank DL20T003B

In general I like the Danskin tops for yoga. While the Active Tank isn't my favorite, it is certainly one I'll turn to as an option.

Danskin Now Active Tank DL20T003B The one I prefer has thinner, multiple straps on each shoulder so they bind less. With the thicker shoulder strap and higher back on this one, it binds just a bit more when I'm doing poses. I do like the long length, so it covers my waist as I twist and turn. I like the material in general - 95% cotton, 5% spandex.

I also enjoy the pattern. It's a mix of paisley and floral, in a soft purple-pink color. Or maybe pink-purple. In any case it's lovely.

So I do recommend this top and wear it fairly frequently. For me, it's just that the other Danskin with the thinner straps is my first choice.

Note that this is not the "posies print" design. It's similar but not the same.

Danskin Now Active Tank DL20T003B

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