BMG Racerback Top

The BMG Racerback Top promotes itself as being for both yoga and athletic workouts. Therefore I tested it in both scenarios for a solid month before writing this review. How does it hold up to sweat, stretching, more sweat, repeated washing, and general abuse?

BMG Racerback Top The manufacturers advise you to get a size larger than you normally would so I asked for my sample copy in large rather than medium. It fit quite nicely at the beginning of the testing process. The racerback is great for the variety of activities I tried with this - dancing, aerobics, hiking, kayaking, and so on. It was also great for yoga, where your arms are bending and twisting in a variety of directions. It holds in place well for both slow and quick activities.

If I found this so wonderful at first, why am I giving it three stars?

Well, the reason I do a solid month of testing including all the variety of activity (and I do wear them every day for my daily exercise) is that so many exercise clothes start off strong and then quickly have issues. You wouldn't see the issues after one or two wearings - or even after a week. They show up after your sweat, your pulling and pushing, and your other activities wears them down. Even the gentle tumble of a washer or dryer is nothing against the way a body twists and turns!

So I found two odd things happening.

First, the edges of the fabric - the ones in the colored piping - loosen up after you've worn them for a week or two. The area around the arms are looser. The neckline is looser. If that's already happening within the first month, that's not a good long term prognosis for something billed for "athletic workouts." If all you're doing is walking along at a gentle pace, you probably don't need athletic clothing. You just needs sweats and a t-shirt :). But if you're buying something specifically for athletic workouts, you want something that will hold up.

And second, the core fabric - the non-piping material, black in the photo - tightens! It gets progressively tighter over the weeks of wear and wash to the point that it's getting challenging to wriggle into. And keep in mind that I did buy the large to start and it fit quite well at the beginning of the testing period. It now pulls in on my shoulders and has to be fairly forcefully stripped off.

So all in all if you really are buying this for an athletic workout or yoga, and you exercise regularly, this probably isn't the best choice. If you only exercise occasionally, or don't do aerobic exercise, and want them more for looks than hard-core functionality, then you'd probably be OK.

I received a review set of this top plus pants in order to write this review.

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