Bally Total Fitness Yoga Pants

Yoga pants can be a very personal choice. We each have different preferences in terms of length, fit, and material. Here's my thoughts on the Bally Total Fitness yoga pants of 89% polyester and 11% spandex.

Bally Total Fitness Yoga Pants I do like that they're full length, and that they're loose but not floppy around the ankle. They don't bind when I move into different positions, and they also don't get tripped on. They're stretchy but not floppy.

I like the blue-white-black streaky design on the top, although my yoga top tends to cover that anyway. Still, it's nice.

I'm not fond of the material. This is probably just a personal thing, but I find it a bit itchy. Maybe it's the polyester in there. Maybe I have sensitive skin. So, for me, this material isn't great. I prefer other pants I own with cotton or other combinations of material.

It's made in Bangladesh, style SU5808 RN 104304, UPC 018665381501.

Overall, I do wear them occasionally, but they're not my first choice.

Here's a second pair of them that I own, exact same style number and RN number and even UPC number. You'd think they'd need a different ID number of some sort for the different color.

Bally Total Fitness Yoga Pants

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