Alo Yoga Pants - Bamboo Capri

I have a variety of yoga pants in my drawers. Each works well in certain circumstances. I had high hopes for the Alo yoga capri pants, as they were made from 68% bamboo lyocell, along with 27% cotton and 5% spandex.

Alo Yoga Pants - Bamboo Capri They do look pretty. They are simple monotone, all black, and the capri bottom has an edging of a row of buttons, shown in the photo here. However, I think the Alo design team went on the side of prettiness rather than function.

First, with them being a capri, I can't wear them in the colder months, which for me is half the year :). That would be an issue with all capri pants, but it's worth mentioning that to those of us who live in northern climes it's better to have full length yoga pants that are always useful. This would have to be a half-the-year pant set to begin with.

Next, I'm not fond of anything that will interfere with my yoga activities. Yoga pants shouldn't have long strings that dangle and can be tripped on, for example. Here, those buttons might look cute, but they can of course dig into the leg depending on what pose you're doing. That's not what I want to happen when I'm focusing on a pose. There's no need for the buttons, and they can cause trouble.

Still, the bigger problem is that the waist loses its tension over time. I've had these for a while now and the waist is noticeably looser. One of the key things I want from my yoga pants is a sturdy waist. For clearly obvious reasons :).

So I'd give these a pass. Cute idea with the bamboo earth-friendly promotion, but needs some redesign work.

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