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Yoga has an incredibly long history. Depending on which historian you believe in, yoga and its poses traces back in India to 1,000 BC - or even much further beyond. Yoga is about following a series of stretching and strength building exercises to help your body stay strong and limber - and also using meditation and other techniques to keep your mind strong. In a modern day where we are worried about obesity, Alzheimers, and other issues, yoga is a perfect solution!

Buy at If you think Yoga is a boring sit-and-stare-at-the-wall activity, think again. The benefits you can gain from yoga are immense. You learn how to achieve stress relief and calm. You help your shoulders stretch. You build up arm strength. You get a better sense of balance. These simple exercises can help you save yourself from hip injuries, repetitive stress injuries, migraine headaches, and much more! Best of all, you can do quick yoga exercises while standing in line, stuck in a traffic jam, watching TV, and preparing to fall asleep.

I highly recommend learning the basics of yoga and finding ways to sneak them into your daily routine!

Poses / Asana
Downard-Facing Dog
Easy Pose
Mountain Pose
Standing Forward Bend
Tree Pose
Upward Dog Pose
Warrior II Pose

Basic Yoga Routines
Outdoor Yoga Tips
Nighttime Yoga Tips
Basic Yoga Routine
Basic Balance Yoga Routine
My Yoga Routine

Alo Yoga Pants
Bally Total Fitness Yoga Pants
BMG Racerback Top
BMG Workout Capri Yoga Pants
Champion Sports Bra Double Dry
Champion Pants Double Dry
Champion Pants with Vent
Danskin Now Active Tank
Danskin Now Active Tank - Modesty Panel
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ToeSox Yoga Socks
Under Armour Heatgear Long Sleeve
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Extra Thick Yoga Mat
Gaiam Yoga Brick
Neti Pot
Visual Time Timer

DVD Reviews
AM PM Yoga for Beginners
AM Yoga for your Week
Yoga for Beginners DVD
Yoga for Stress Relief and Flexibility DVD
Shiva Rea - Flow Yoga for Beginners DVD

Book Reviews
Buddhism - by Jeff Hay
DK Get Started Yoga - by Nita Patel
Kripalu Yoga - by Richard Faulds
Yoga Basics - C. Alexander Simpkins
Yoga in Bed - Edward Vilga
Yoga for Dummies
Yoga for Your Life
Yoga To Go - Paula Carino

Magazine Reviews
Yoga Journal
Yoga and Joyful Living
Yoga Magazine

Strength Building
ProSpirit Ab Wheel

Retreats and Locations
Kripalu Yoga Retreat Travelogue
Yoga Locations in your Home

Yoga for Forgiveness Yoga for Forgiveness
Yoga for Stress Relief and Forgiveness provides a step by step recipe for calm and healing. Author Lisa Shea has been following this practice for a decade and over time has tweaked and polished the steps until each one resonates with serenity.
Yoga for Forgiveness - Full Details

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