Swordfighting Stance - Boar's Tooth

This is the second swordfighting guard I learned, Boar's Tooth. You start it from a left stance.

Swordfighting left stance

I took the following photo to help me learn the grip of the position. From this angle it's hard to see the stance. Once I know I am good at this I will load up several photos of myself in this pose.

Swordfighting stance

The aim of this stance is for the sword to be down along the line of the forward leg. It is defending that forward leg. The attack from this position would be an upward attack, like the lower jaw of a boar coming up to strike at someone.

The right hand is held right at the bellybutton position. The thumb and forefinger are in the traditional ring position around the grip just below the guard, and the back hand is ready to act as a pivot point on the pommel.

NOTE: If your sword is too long for you it can be hard to get into this position properly, because your hands being by your belly button will mean your sword tip would be dug into the earth. It's time to get a properly sized sword if this position becomes a challenge. I have notes on this site on how I trimmed my own sword to match my height.

For Audio WAV files to help with guard training, visit my Guards Audio WAV Files page.

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