Keeping a Journal

One of the most important things you can do for long term success and stress relief in your life is to keep a journal. Journaling has been shown to help in numerous areas of life - weight loss, stress relief, relationship building, goal reaching, and much more. Direct studies of using journals vs punching pillows, for example, has found that those who journaled found much more success in reducing stress and coping with their issues. Other studies of diet plans found that no matter what diet you chose to follow, your rate of success significantly increased if you kept a journal about what you did each day.

The most important thing about your journal is that how you maintain it is personal to YOU. Some people are more drawn to write when they have a fancy, leather tooled journal which adds importance to the task. Other people are quite happy to write in a three ring binder or inexpensive notebook from the local drug store. Some people must write at a certain time every night with candles lit around them. Other people carry small notebooks in their purse and jot on them while they're waiting in line or waiting for an appointment.

Whatever you choose to do - that's fine! The only important thing is that you DO it. Find a way to write every day. Scribble notes. Jot down ideas. Release your stress of the day. Ponder your future projects. The more you write, the more your brain is able to sort out issues, see what's important, and prepare for the day ahead.

Here are some ideas for your journals!

Types of Journals
Stress Relief Journal

Stress Relief Tips

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