Spiral Bound Books

Great for Recipes

Flat bound books are great for romance novels and college textbooks, but when it comes to recipes, craft books, and other follow-these-instructions books, they are a royal pain. For these types of activities you often want a book to lay flat so you can follow along with the instructions while you work.

This is where spiral bound books come in handy.

Spiral Bound BooksFirst, the bad news. Most print-on-demand houses don't handle spiral bound books. If you want your book to be auto printed by Amazon, they don't have a spiral bound press in house. Only a few specialty shops like Lulu.com handle this format.

Even so, it's well worth looking into. As mentioned, doing crafts or recipes from a normally bound book is a real pain. People would gladly pay more to get a spiral bound book that will lay flat while they work. It's well worth your while to find out a way to do this so that people who like spiral bound books can buy that version.

For this sangria book I went through Lulu. The process is exactly the same as with other books. Note that you MUST indicate that you won't be using Amazon's print-on-demand to get the spiral bound option to show up. Again, Amazon doesn't handle spiral bound books in their print on demand system. You can always list your book with Amazon separately, but they can't print it "for you" at their warehouses.

The rest of the process is exactly the same as with any other book. You load up a PDF file with all the insides. Then you load up a PDF file with the outside cover.

Doing the cover is actually easier than normal. Normally you have to deal with figuring out the thickness of the spine, to put on the spine text. Here you simply have the front cover and back cover side by side with no spine at all. The "spine" is the spiral part and doesn't exist.

Voila! You have a spiral bound book which is incredibly useful to your readers! The quality is very good, with a thick glossy cover and easy to use inside pages.

To see this specific sangria spiral bound book, you can visit my page here -

Sangria Recipes Book at Lulu.com

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