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An Acknowledgements page goes in the front or back of a book, and is optional. This is traditionally where you give thanks to those who helped you in the process. A super-special person might earn their own "Dedication page".

Acknowledgements Page Layout The acknowledgements page shown to the right is the one I use in my first ten medieval novels. I published them all one after another, with the same review team, so I gave them credit for the set. I called it a "Dedication" because I like the meaning of that better.

While some people might consider an acknowledgements part of the front matter, I prefer to put this at the back. That way the reader reads through the book and understands it, then reads who helped make it possible. That way they have a better sense of what went into the book, and can see how the acknowledged people relate.

For example, if I say that I want to thank a Riding Stables for their help, the reader sees that message after they read my scenes with horses. So when they read the acknowledgement, it "means something" to them. They know why I'm giving that credit.

Also, there is the issue of minimizing the front matter as much as humanly possible. Whether a potential reader is in a store or paging through an online preview, they have to get through "stuff" before they reach the meat of the book. The more "stuff" they have to wade through, the more likely they will give up and stop before they reach the story itself. I want to have as little as possible between the start of the book and the content itself. That way I suck the reader in and at least they read some of my book.

For this same reason, I don't use a separate Dedication page. I call this listing my Dedication. It has in it all the people I want to thank, including my most loyal fan, my boyfriend of over twenty years. He doesn't get a separate page to himself - but he gets a key mention here.

Part of what your Acknowledgements page does, especially by putting it at the end, is give your readers a sense that you did the research necessary to make the book authentic. If, for example, you write a book on sailing and then thank the various sailors who spend time with you, people know that you invested time in making sure the book was right. It creates a warm-and-fuzzy feeling in their mind which then could have them recommend the book to other people.

If your acknowledgements page is at the front of the book, it should not have any page numbering. If it is at the back, some people will keep numbering this area, while others stop numbering. It is up to you.

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