Nautilus Book Awards

The Nautilus Book Awards are run by Marilyn McGuire who is a publishing consultant. She has been awarding the Nautilus Awards for fifteen years. These are a specific type of book award. They are about Better Books for a Better World.

So where many book awards are just about being the "best mystery novel" or similar category, the Nautlius awards are specifically about books that engender social change. They're about books that make us think, help us improve, and make us aware.

Yes, there's all sorts of categories, from healthy eating to green living, from poetry to spirituality. All have this same angle about improving the world we live in. This is a goal I agree with thoroughly!

That being said, I've never entered any of my books for this award. I tend to write "generic" books like medieval romance or murder mystery. Even my non-fiction books are along the lines of low carb cookbooks or sangria recipe books. They aren't helping the world to be a better place. Which is, I admit, a bit sad. Maybe this contest should encourage me to aim higher.

The Great Penguin RescueA friend of mine, Dyan, did win for her book A Great Penguin Rescue. The book was heart-warming and inspiring. Exactly the type of book one would hope would win this type of award.

It's worth it to note that this award is fairly expensive to enter. It's $185 to enter. And only the grand prize winner gets a cash prize. So for most people they just get the award itself. Sure, you could say that that is what most of these awards programs are offering, but with the price being this high, it does seem something to consider.

Still, if you win you're in with excellent company! Previous winners include Deepak Chopra, Thich Nhat Hanh, and Eckhart Tolle. Oh, and the Dalai Lama.

Nautilus Book Awards - official page

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