How to Create a Raised Medallion

There are times that you'd like a raised medallion to add emphasis to your cover. For example, I have one on the cover to the right, Finding Peace, for the silver medal it won. How do you create a raised medallion look from a flat image?

For an example, I'm using the stained glass wolf image done for me by my good friend and graphic designer Debi Gardiner. This was part of the set of 12 images she created for my medieval novels. When I redid the covers to have more of a "woman with sword" look, I still wanted to maintain a tie to the older versions. I decided to include those on the new covers, as a raised medallion style.

So first, the image in its original form.

How to Create a Raised Medallion

If your image isn't a circle, find a way to make a circle out of it.

Next, convert that image to greyscale.

How to Create a Raised Medallion

Now, go into the Filter Gallery and look at Bas Relief. You want the light coming from the top left. I find that a detail of around 12, with a smoothness of 1, works well. Experiment with the settings to see which works best for you.

How to Create a Raised Medallion

You've got the shape now, but it's a grey color. Time to add in some good metallic color.

Go into the enhance - color - hue and slide the hue slider along. If you need finer level of control, change a particular part of the hue (blue, etc) to tweak to the detail you want.

How to Create a Raised Medallion


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