Getting Free Kindle Books

Getting Free Kindle Books One of the most critical first steps to writing your own novel is to learn what you like and dislike about novels in general. Simply put, read many other peoples' novels. This will help you compile a list of the situations you enjoy, the writing style you appreciate, and how books are laid out in general. You'll build up your skills in spelling, sentence structure, and all of those other things which can make or break a novel.

If you have a Kindle - or free Kindle software on your PC - you can download literally hundreds of books for free, and more are added daily. Many authors make books free for short promotional periods, so by checking back daily you get an ever changing list of free books to choose from. Once you buy a book, you own it, so even if the book becomes $10 tomorrow, as long as you got it for free, it's forever yours.

Here's how to find the free books on your Kindle Fire.

* Click the HOME button just to start from scratch
* Click on BOOKS in the top row
* Click on STORE in the top right
* On the right, click on Browse-Books
* Choose a category, like Romance
* Click REFINE in the top right
* Click Category and refine it to the area you like. So in my case I choose Historical Romance.
* Click REFINE in the top right again
* Click on SORT BY
* choose PRICE: Low to High

Now you should be seeing all the free books in the category you have chosen. Often books are only free as a promo for a few days, so it's good to check back every day and see what new ones are available! Once you get a book, it's yours forever, so you might as well grab as many free ones as you can and read them when you find the time :).

You of course don't need a Kindle in order to read Kindle books. Many people read them on their smartphone, their PC, or other system. In that case, just go to and begin browsing. You can sort by price to see the free ones, or every best seller list should have two categories - one for paid and one for free. Click to the free category to see all the free options.

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