Using Fiverr for Cover Design is a website all about buying or selling inexpensive tasks. In the beginning every task could only cost $5 - hence its name. Nowadays many items go up higher than $5, but the inexpensive vibe still rules.

Is Fiverr worth the money when getting a cover designed?

The first thing to realize is that prices you see on Fiverr for cover design are typically the base price. They don't include the commercial license, which you need in order to put it onto a book. They don't include the source files, which you really want to have. So a book cover artist who starts out their price at $5 might actually charge $30 for the complete package. That's all right - it's still quite a bargain.

The second thing to realize is that cover designers on Fiverr might have a few fantastic items in their cover portfolio - and what they create for you might be far inferior for a number of reasons. I've heard story after story of authors who paid their $20 or $30 and ended up with a cover they hated. Accept that this happens sometimes. It can take a try or two before you connect with an artist who really understands your vision.

One key to success is provide as much detail as you can to the designer. For example, when I was helping this author get a new cover for his book I first chose an artist whose portfolio seemed a good match. Then I sent him sample illustrations of covers I liked. I sent him a blurb to describe what the story was about. Using those source materials, and with some back-and-forth refining, he was able to put together a cover that the author loved.

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Another success story with Fiverr involved illustrations for a children's book. We had stock images of letters and needed to show them "holding hands." In this case, instead of hiring a specific artist for the task, we put up a job and asked for bids. We had artists chime in with bids in ranges from $5 to $75 to do the task. We reviewed the portfolios of the artists and found a quite talented illustrator who was willing to do it for $25. Not only did he do an amazing job but he went above and beyond the call of duty in how he customized the characters. We gave him a large tip :).

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A few tips for using -

* Look through the portfolio of the artist. Make sure their style is one you appreciate.
* Be clear about what you want. The more clearly you can describe your vision, the better the chance you get the results you want.
* Be patient. Often these artists are on the far side of the globe and have other responsibilities.
* Accept that sometimes you'll need to try a few times before you find the perfect match for your project.

Good luck! website

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