Capitalization in Book Titles

Titles are generally the easier place to handle capitalization. Whether it's a book title or webpage article title, the key is simple - every main word should be capitalized. Also, the first word is always capitalized, even if it is a short word like A or An.

Examples would be:

Lady in Red
A Sense of Duty
Pride and Prejudice
The Poetry of Robert Frost
Wines of Italy
Warlords, Artists, and Commoners
A Guide to Japanese Prints

So, for example, a list of words you would NOT capitalize (unless they were the very first word of the title) would be a, and, at, but, in, of, or, the, to, with

Choosing Words for your Title
You want to maximize the valuable key words in your title. "Throwaway" words like "the", "of", and so on should be avoided except where necessary. "Fluff" words, which are sometimes seen in newspaper titles, should be avoided here too. In a newspaper, the person already has the paper in their hands. The title is more a lure to get them to read the article. On the web and with books, the title is critical for the person to pick up / click on the item in the first place. If the key words aren't in the title, the user is likely never to take the next step to learn more. They wouldn't have even found the book or article to know it exists.

So, for example, you'd want to change:

Fun Rhymes with Lowercase Letters --> E. E. Cummings Poetry
Wines to Dance Around With -> Great Chardonnays for Summertime
What I Thought at 3am -> Signs Your Boyfriend is Cheating

So, to summarize on titles: Use key words that relate to your subject material. Avoid filler words. Capitalize each word that is not a minor word such as "and", "the", "of", "by", and so on.

Here’s one of my covers. The title is fairly clear!

You then also want to look into using capitalization properly in the actual content of your book:
Capitalization in Writing

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