Book Covers - Paperback vs Kindle

How Are They Different?

You might think that a cover is a cover. However, there are clear differences between a paperback cover and a Kindle (ebook) cover.

Let's tackle the Kindle cover first, since that's easier. Ebooks only have a front cover. That's it. There is no back cover. Yes, you can fill the ebook itself full of images if you want, including an image at the end. Still, when the potential reader looks at your book they will just see the front cover before them.

Book Covers Paperback vs Kindle So, as we've discussed before, the Kindle cover needs to have a clear, powerful image that works well at a tiny size. The main title and the author name need to be crystal clear in an easy-to-read font. It's fine for any series name, subtitle, and blurb to be less visible at the small size.

A Kindle cover needs to have the proportions of 1:1.6. A standard size is 2813 pixels wide by 4500 pixels high. This may not be the same proportion as your paperback cover - that's ok! Make sure you readjust your Kindle cover to fill this size. You want to make the most of the space available to you.

Now let's look at the paperback cover. Imagine you have cruelly mashed your paperback book down onto a table so the entire cover is laid out for you to see. It would look something like this:

book covers paperback vs kindle

The actual length and width of the cover here depends on the book size you choose. Most publishers let you choose from a wide range of sizes, from tiny paperbacks to large coffee-table book sizes. Children's books are often square. Mysteries are often tall and narrow. The spine width depends on how many pages are in your book.

We'll cover all of those details later.

But for now, know that these are the general differences between these two types of covers. Kindle covers are front-only and a set size. Paperback covers are front-spine-back and can be of varying sizes.

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