Writing and Designing a Successful Book

Tips for New and Experienced Authors to Create Best Sellers

Writing and Designing a Successful Book 368 pages

Did you know it's estimated that over **one million** books will be published in the year 2017 alone? Our fast-paced internet world has exploded into a enormous sea of books. How do you get your book to stand out amongst all of these competitors? The answer, as it always has been, is with high quality content. And that starts from the very beginning.

I've published over 300 books on Amazon. I've published fiction and non-fiction. Romance, mystery, paranormal, time-travel, historical, mythological, and more. In addition I run two in-person writing groups and participate in many more online. I'm busy nearly every day providing editing advice for my community of authors. I've fielded tens of thousands of questions on what works and helped authors reach that elusive best seller status.

This book is the result of those years of experience.

I provide the commonly asked questions and the answers to help you succeed. I help you past those traditional hurdles where new authors get stuck. I assist with all aspects of getting started. And then I also help with the document layout. What are heading tags and why are they necessary? What is a colophon page? What is a gutter margin? I ensure your document is fully ready for either submitting to a publisher or doing the self-publishing yourself. Whichever direction you want to take, I help you create that professional document that lets you hold your head high alongside your competitors.

The modern world of publishing is here. There are a million books who want to get the attention of readers. Make sure that yours is able to compete on an even playing field.

Half of all proceeds benefit local battered women's shelters.

Writing and Designing a Successful Book is book 1 in my Author Essentials series which takes you step by step through everything you need to know about writing, publishing, and marketing a book in today's modern world.

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