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Self Publishing. Paperbacks. Ebooks. It costs a ton of money, right? And you have to keep paying any time you want to make changes to it?


Self Publishing should be absolutely FREE both on the paperback and Kindle side. Sure, if you're not good with graphics, you can hire someone to make a cover for you. For $20 to $50 you can get an absolutely stellar cover you adore. And if you need some editing help with typos and other issues? There are thousands of editors online eager to help you get your book into top notch condition. But then, when you're ready, it is wholly FREE to get your book live onto Amazon, Kindle, Nook, and all other systems.

Don't get lured into the Vanity Presses who want you to pay them hundreds (or thousands!!) of dollars to put your book online. Often those guys will nickle-and-dime you to death. Want to fix a typo? More money. Want to change your cover? More money.

Instead, take charge of your own destiny. Get the cover designed that YOU adore. Get the story into the shape that makes YOU proud. Then publish it. If you want to make changes, make those changes. It's free, easy, and the new version goes live in days.

Here's how to do it all! From creating the perfect paperback to getting your ebook online in every system there is, this book steps you through the process. And if you get stuck, Lisa Shea is only a click away on nearly every social media network. She's happy to help.

Get started on your dreams!

* * *

Half of all proceeds benefit local battered women's shelters.

Self Publishing Step by Step is book 5 in my Author Essentials series which takes you step by step through everything you need to know about writing, publishing, and marketing a book in today's modern world.

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