Designing and Selling Videos

Self-Publishing in a Video Age

Designing and Selling Videos 50 pages

Video is definitely king in our modern era. YouTube boasts millions upon millions of users. People create videocasts about computer games. About beauty products. About cooking. There are so many areas where video succeeds. Imagine trying to learn origami by following complicated drawings - and then compare that with the relative ease of watching someone show it to you on a well done video.

From band videos to cooking demonstrations, from dog training to gardening, video can make things easier to understand.

There are a variety of options for creating and promoting your DVDs. Here's how to get started!

Half of all proceeds benefit local battered women's shelters.

DVDs - Designing and Selling VIDEOS is book 8 in my Author Essentials series which takes you step by step through everything you need to know about writing, publishing, and marketing a book in today's modern world.

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