Author Signing Basics

How to Plan and Run a Successful Book Event at a Library, Festival, Fair, or Con

Author Signing Basics 112 pages

You might think that writing the book was the hard part. And, certainly, every author should be quite proud of that achievement. But without a marketing effort, many books then languish. They might be bought by a few family and friends, but they don't gain the traction to find a larger audience.

Author signings are a key.

There's just something about the in-person interaction between an author and a reader. Think of YOUR favorite authors. Think of how thrilling it would be to be able to talk with them and to get a hand-signed book directly from them. You'd probably go out and tell every person you knew about the encounter! This is the groundswell you want to create with your own books. It's not just about the person in front of you who buys your book. It's about all of their family and friends who they encourage to do the same. It's the snowball effect.

I've written over 200 books and have gone to countless book signings, conventions, festivals, fairs, and other book-related events over the years. I've been at massive festivals held in large convention centers. I've been to quiet libraries. I've been to conventions in hotels and festivals on grassy commons and everything in between. Each type of event has its own quirks and features. I help you through them all.

Whether your book is in the planning stages, has just been released, or has been out for years, there's something in here for you. Marketing is an ongoing process. There is always the potential to boost fans of your story and to build that mailing list.

Join me on the first step to reaching your dreams!

Half of all proceeds benefit local battered women's shelters.

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