Urban Legends

I am always fascinated by urban legends. Just how do these begin? Many of them are so COMPLEX! Who sat down and spent all this time on a complete lie? And who are these people that believe them? Do people really believe that a bank in Nigeria has $25 million sitting in an account, and that THEY were somehow chosen to receive it? And do they keep believing as they pay tens of thousands of dollars in "legal fees" to this bank?

The Urban Legends of September 11th
The JDBGMGR.EXE virus hoax
The Sulfnbk.exe Hoax
Louie Louie
A Virtual Card For You Hoax
Nigerian Money Hoax
Federal Express got a C
Rolling Rock and the 33
Dogs and Dynamite
Three Men and a Baby Ghost
Slave Reparation Act Hoax
The Dunkin Donuts Hoax
The Neiman-Marcus Cookie Hoax
Gerber Free Bond Hoax
Needles on the Gas Pumps
The Kidney Theft Hoax
Nathan Hale - Bad Spy, Good Patriot
Gas Out / No Gas Purchases on May 15th

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