Tu Moda Day Spa, Worcester MA

By the time I made reservations for myself and friend Jeanne at Tu Moda, my shoulders were literally aching every day because of the stressful work schedule I had. I knew I really needed a break. I signed us up for a pair of facials - neither of us had undergone a facial before - followed by a pair of massages.

From the outside, the building appears to be a normal, if slightly large, residence on Pleasant Street - white building, black awnings. Once you walk through the wooden door at the lower level, you enter a new world. Soft, new age music plays quietly throughout the complex. The floor is squares of stone, and a fountain runs gently in the entry area. There is a Banyan tree taking up one wall of the foyer, and the opposite wall is a curved sunny window with a bench. Burgundy and gold cusions add to the comfort.

We filled out the typical forms and in no time at all were each whisked away to our facial. As I walked down the hall with my facial person, she pointed out a "couple's room" - it offers two beds for side-by-side treatments, plus a private whirlpool tub to rinse off afterwards! That seems like an ideal way to treat the one you love for an anniversary.

The facial room was of a nice size - large enough to move around with ease without feeling cavernous. The music played, the walls were decorated with tile "antique" works of art. First, I put on a terry wrap and sat with my feet in a warm tub of water. She exfoliated my feet gently and then dried them. Now I laid down on the bed and warm, soft covers were drawn up to my chin. She let me choose from four aromas - peppermint, tangerine, "fire water" for sensitive skin, and geranium. I went with the fire water. She also determined my skin type, to know what steps to do on it.

Now, to business. She laid warm cloths on my face, massaged my face, used more warm cloths, gave a gentle steam cleansing. The only non-relaxing part of the whole experience was when she squoze my pores manually to clear them out - but this was something I'd asked for. Then on to more cloths, a gentle mask, and then while the mask dried she even massaged my feet. This was much more than I expected from a facial!

She led me, robed and in soft slippers, to an inner waiting room while my massage woman became ready. Jeanne's timing worked out so that she went right from one room to the other, but I waited about 5 minutes before I was fetched. On to the massage. Once again I was offered a variety of aromas, and chose to stay with my fire water. I laid down on the soft bed. The room's ceiling had the two wooden bars attached to it for the "stand-on-your-back" style of massage, but I hadn't signed up for that! The bed was not just a stationary bed - when I laid on my back, she raised a section of the bed under my knees so I would lie more comfortably. She did a full working of my legs and arms. Then I flipped over so my back was up, and she put a bolster beneath my ankles so my toes were comfy. She worked on the back of me, especially my shoulders which were so sore. I could feel her working those knots out, easing the muscles back into their more normal shape.

When we were done, Jeanne and I had the opportunity to shower in the locker area, and then stopped by the shop area before signing out. They offer a full array of items from clays to hair products and more.

Highly recommended - the entire visit from start to finish was incredibly luxurious and relaxing!

I've gone back here on subsequent visits, and am reminded each time just how good they are with the small details. It really is much more relaxing and "comfortable" than most other spas in the area.

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