St. Cyr Spa, Worcester MA

I have been to many of the spas in Worcester, so it was odd that I hadn't been to St. Cyr in all of those years. Finally one of my Swedish friends kept talking about wanting to find a sauna in the area. She missed them as a winter tradition. Some web searching found that the only "public" sauna I could find in the Worcester area was at St. Cyr. It was time for a visit!

First, the parking. St. Cyr is located on Park Avenue near Elm Park, on the same side of the road as Elm Park. There's a big billboard on one side of their Victorian building for the spa, and it's right over a lot of parking spaces. However, you can't park there! Those parking spaces are for the neighbor building. There is NO parking on the other side of the St. Cyr house either! What you have to do is make a turn at the street BEFORE St. Cyr and go around behind the building. I ended up parking in the parking garage nearby, but I think that garage is meant for the office building near it. So look up a map beforehand to know where the parking is. My GPS was not much help with this since it led me to the building itself.

The business is split up into two floors. The lower floor has the reception desk, the shop, and the hair / nail types of stations. You go up a narrow flight of stairs to get upstairs to the massage and sauna area. There's a tiny sitting area right at the top of the stairs, stuffed with a large couch and chair plus lots of brochures and such. I think a feng shui consultant could probably redo this area to have it seem more spacious and relaxed. In any case, you're only here for a few minutes while you fill out the intro paperwork. Then your massage therapist comes along and walks you down the narrow hallways past the various little rooms that have the massage tables.

You are brought into a rather small changing room with a stand-up shower to one side and a closet to the other. There's a small bench against one wall. You are provided a "snap closed towel" that goes from under your arms to above your knees, a pair of sandals and a robe. You put your clothes - I think - on the floor in the closet. I understand the area in here in a little small for actual lockers, but I think this room could be laid out a bit better. The closet has random cleaning supplies and such in it so you don't get a sense that this is a serene, tranquil room :) Sometimes it's those little things that stand out. Anyway there is a hanger or two to hang up your coat, and you make a pile of your clothes in the closet, and put on the snap-towel. Then you go back out into the little hallway.

The massage therapist now opened the sauna for you. This is the treat :) It is made from a very nice wood, has two levels, a basket of magazines, a towel to lay out on, and the benches go around three sides. There's a rock set in the corner to create steam. I imagine you could comfortably have 4 friends in here stretching and talking, and more snugly fit 6-8 people. She gave me a glass of water and left me alone. She checked in on me after 8 minutes, then came to get me when 15 minutes were up.

Then we moved on to the massage room. It was a bit small but not claustrophobic. The table was warm and they had an under-knee pillow which I always like. The music was soothing, the massage was just right. I don't go to massages for "pleasure". I go because I'm on the computer for 14+ hours a day and my shoulders become pure agony. If I'm to keep working I need to get those knots out every once in a while, to let me keep going. She was very good at getting me back into decent shape. My only comment here is that this was an "aromatherapy" massage. Usually they give you a selection of various aromas and let you choose your favorite, a process I enjoy. Here you just got what you got. Again, a minor change that could have big impacts on how people feel during the treatment. On the up side, there was NO pushing of products at the end of the treatment. I found that refreshing and great!

Then she gives you a receipt and you change back into your clothes, go down to the front desk and pay. The tip can go right on the bill so it's very easy.

I would definitely recommend this to friends, and will be going back for the sauna!

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