Paul Conzo Spa, Worcester MA

The Paul Conzo Day Spa is in the middle of a strip mall in the middle of a busy intersection, and the main level has a hair salon. So when you first enter, you wonder how this is going to be a relaxing spa experience.

First, about the hair salon. I had my hair done here for an updo, for a special dinner. They took 2 hours to create the intricate curls (I have long hair) and the result was GORGEOUS. I was complemented on it all night long, and anyone who sees a photo of the hair comments on how beautiful it looks. It was really a work of art.

For the spa side, you go DOWN a set of narrow stairs to the below-ground spa area. The spa area has its own, more comfortable lobby area. It is really quiet down there! They did a great job with sound baffling. It doesn't feel like a 'cave' at all - they did a good job with light colors and with Greek / Roman decor and paintings.

The massage rooms are nicely decorated and quiet. You have the typical soft, relaxing music playing. They ask you if you want a foot bolster / support - usually at other spas they just put one on for you. Intrigued, I said no to see what the difference was and it really wasn't as comfortable to lay without your feet nestled up on something. The massage is straightforward and nice. I asked some questions along the way about what she was doing, and she was happy to explain. There was no hard sell at the end of products, which is always nice.

On the other hand, I think I have been spoiled by Tu Moda, another spa in Worcester. I've been to the Paul Conzo twice for a massage, and each time it was nice, but very simple. At Tu Moda, you start with a gorgeous waiting area with a sunny window bench and lemon water. It's sort of unfair to compare that since Paul Conzo is underground, but it is a gorgeous way to start the afternoon. Then as you go into the massage room, you get a wonderful foot massage in warm water, which is a great way to ease into the atmosphere. You are provided with a number of aroma choices for your massage, which personalizes the experience. They use the bolsters and such so that you are extremely comfortable. Even the face rest seems more open and less "squishy" on the face.

So if both locations had an open time, I would always jump to go with Tu Moda rather than Paul Conzo. The only real downside with Tu Moda is the location - Paul Conzo gets HUGE kudos for being right on Shrewsbury Street. The volume of great restaurants right there is amazing!! So if you are going to go with friends or meet up with friends afterwards, I can definitely see the appeal of Paul Conzo. Also, both times I went to Paul Conzo I went with a friend for massages at the same time (not in the same room). Most Worcester area spa locations can't handle same-time appointments like that. So when I want to meet a friend for a massage and a meal, Paul Conzo is one of the only options out there.

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