Healthy Beautiful Smile Tips

I'm sure we all know by now how important a first impression is. When someone meets you, they make split second decisions about who you are, what you're like to be with, and much more. This is true for friends, for potential dates, for business partners, and much more. It is part of how the world goes around. Good or bad, it's important to be aware of this.

One of the very first things a person looks at is your face. the eyes are the windows to the soul, and all of that. Then, as you start talking, people naturally watch the lips. So your mouth and smile are of critical importance in any encounter. Even babies react to a face's smile or lack thereof. It is built into our genes.

So how do you have a great smile? And, over time, as your lips naturally thin and your mouth muscles weaken, how do you maintain that smile? These articles will help you out!

Smile Examples
Angelina Jolie

Smile Basics
What Makes a Great Smile?
Smile Basics
Smile Changes and Aging
Smile Examples - Mouth Closed
Smile Examples - Mouth Open

Smile Exercises
Smile Exercises - Pucker
Smile Exercises - Lips
Smile Exercises - Cheeks
Smile Exercises - Mirror

Smile Improvements
How to Get Fuller Lips
Month Test of Lip Improvement

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