How a Scrub / Buff Works

Your skin is made up of many different layers. Some layers, like the hypodermis, are deep beneath the outside layer and provide the blood and 'bulk' of your skin. But the very top layer, the epidermis, has a very short lifespan. It renews itself every 2-4 weeks. So the very top layer of your epidermis is always a layer of dead skin, waiting to fall off and reveal the fresh, new skin beneath it. Of course this does not mean you want to rub away all your skin all the time! But it does mean you want to gently help that dead skin come off your body, so the fresh, new skin beneath can be seen.

A scrub or buff works in the same way that a washcloth with some texture to it will work - it rubs against your skin and rubs off that dead skin layer. It's the same theory as sandpaper, only more gentle. That is an important point - you want this to work but be relatively gentle. If you damage or irritate your skin, it will look red and blotchy, which isn't a very attractive look.

When you look at scrubs and buffs, you want to find something that is in your price range, has hypo-allergenic products so you don't have a reaction, that has an aroma you enjoy. Don't worry much about vitamins or antioxidants. The whole purpose of a buff is to get skin OFF. Once you get that dead skin off, you can worry about what is left behind. But you don't want to be trying to get stuff OFF your face at the exact same time that you are trying to put vitamins IN your face. That would be too much to do at once.

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