Rosacea - Red Nose and Face

Rosacea is a skin disorder that is primarily genetic, and primarily strikes people with fair skin. Celtic and eastern European people are often afftected. While more women than men have rosacea, because women will go to a doctor quickly when they have face / skin problems, it is usually the men who wait and have the more severe symptoms.

In essence, rosacea causes red cheeks and nose. If left untreated, the nose can become swollen and even misshapen. W.C. Fields suffered from rosacea, and his bulbous red nose was a result. Rosacea's redness is triggered by many things - hot showers, hot baths, hot drinks, exercise, sun, windy situations, stress, and drinking alcohol. Even a single glass of red wine can trigger a rosacea redness.

It's not that the triggers "cause" rosacea. It's that they make the symptoms of rosacea flare up. It's as if you were allergic to cats. You have that allergy within you. The cats trigger it, but the cats didn't "cause" it to be in you in the first place. If you lived somewhere with no cats, you would still be allergic to them - you just wouldn't be sneezing because none were nearby.

Doctors aren't really sure what "causes" rosacea. It seems to be a combination of a variety of issues. Sufferers tend to have small capillaries which get distended by too much blood flow (from exercise, heat, etc.) and then the capillaries do not return to the proper size when the issue is over. Also, mites that naturally live in the skin seem to be over-abundant in rosacea skin, perhaps causing an inflammatory reaction.

There are a few medications which can help to treat rosacea, and all need a doctor's prescription. Other than that, a given sufferer can make a list of triggers that affect them, and work to reduce those triggers.

As far as skin care goes, the key is to keep allergens far from the face. Use as little make-up as possible. Avoid sun - wear a hat, but try to avoid sun tan lotion. Use all natural masks and try to avoid using lotions. Wash with cool water, and do not use scrubs or harsh washcloths. Take your vitamins daily so that your skin has what it needs to stay in repair. Drink a lot of water each day for the same reason.

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