Hand Cream and Lotion Recipes

Paying attention to proper skin care is a very important part of every person's life. This isn't about being vain. Your skin is your body's primary defense against infection and illness. It is critical that your skin is healthy - well moisturized, protected from sun, if you are going to have it do its job for the many years you hopefully will live! Besides the more serious issues such as skin cancer, there are all of the colds and illnesses that you could avoid getting, because your skin helps to keep you safe.

Creams and lotions can get expensive, though. Many people really want to keep their skin healthy but just can't afford the high prices of quality cream and lotion. The cheap creams and lotions are often full of junk materials that you wouldn't want anywhere near your skin! By making your own cream and lotion, you can have high quality skin care at a nice, low price. These are also perfect for gift giving!

Getting Started
Basics of Hand Cream / Lotion Recipes
Glossary of Hand Cream / Lotion Terms
Ingredients for Hand Cream / Lotion Making
Why Have Different Types of Cream / Lotion
Cost Analysis for Handmade Cream

NOTE: These are listed in the order I made them, so if you read them in order you can get a sense of what works and what doesn't work in lotion / cream making.

Glycerine Rosewater Lotion Recipe
Glycerine Olive Oil Lotion Recipe
Glycerine Wax Cream Recipe
Glycerine Aloe Cream Recipe

The place I get containers and lids from is BayouSome. I don't have an affiliate plan with them - I simply, honestly recommend them as having good products. My friend who makes lotions at EclecticLady Lotions uses them as well and has had great experience with them.

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