Neutrogena Clear Pore Cleanser / Mask review

Netrogena is trying to make one product that does two separate things at the same time. Just as with Saturday Night Live and the "floor cleaner / dessert topping" combo, it just doesn't quite work. Either a product does one thing really well, or another. If it tries to do both, it has to sacrifice functionality in each case.

This product claims it is a foaming daily cleaner - and also an intensive deep cleaning mask. Cleaners have to be light and foamy to lift dirt away from your face. Masks have to be thick and clingy in order to connect to and drag out the dirt deep in pores.

First off, the white paste in the tube is thick and gooey. So when I try to use this as a daily cleaner, it just doesn't foam or lather as the packaging says it will. It turns into a gooey paste that you rub around on your face. Of course it says to keep the product awy from your eyes, lips and mouth. But the stuff is so thick that it glops / drips while you are working with it. Unlike other soaps that then wash away easily, this stuff clings. It just doesn't seem like a great cleanser at all.

On the mask side, the texture is definitely much better suited for mask-making. But perhaps because of the anti-acne chemicals in it, it has a strong aroma to it. Also, when I put the mask on my face it immediately begins to hurt my face. The description says it has "cooling intensity" that shows it is working. But your nerve sensors tend to go off when they sense something is wrong or that an allergic reaction is happening. Who knows, maybe I am allergic to benzoyl peroxide - but I've never had this reaction to the many anti-acne products I've tried over the years. And I *love* the orange Neutrogena anti-acne soap that comes in the pump container. So it really is something about this mask being layered on the entire face which isn't good.

If you are worried about acne, I really believe the best combination would be a *regular* clay mask to get your pores as clean as possible, and then a *targetted* application of benzoyl peroxide to individual areas that have issues. To just coat your entire face with it and hope you avoid the eyes, nose and mouth doesn't seem to work well.

Not highly recommended

4.2 oz tube

Detox Mask

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