How a Lotion / Cream Works

Your skin is made up of multiple layers. The one that lotions interact with is the very top layer, the epidermis. The epidermis is very thin, about as thick as a piece of paper. But it is not a very permeable layer - i.e. things don't very easily go through it. The entire purpose for that layer of your skin is to keep foreign objects out.

Skin has a very small degree of permeability from the outside. Water can soak into it, for example. But most of the nutrients that reach skin do so from the inside - through the blood vessels that are in the dermis layer of the skin. So the most important way to get vitamins to your skin is to *eat* them and get them into your blood. Adding anything through a lotion is pretty meaningless.

Be sure to clean / wash your skin before putting on a lotion. You don't want to have a lotion trapping oils and dirts in your pores, causing them to fester in there. Also, be sure to use a lotion in a reasonable amount of time. Lotion is a mixture of chemicals (even if they're natural chemicals) and pretty much all lotions break down over time.

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