Bath Salt Recipes

So many belief systems promote the healthy results of a soak in a salt bath with fragrance. A bath salt bath can help your pores open up, which cleanses your skin. Your skin is your first layer of defense against illness. The more healthy your skin is, the better it can do its job. Healthy skin also looks better!

Relaxing in a bath can help lower your blood pressure, which helps your health in a variety of ways. It helps your muscles loosen, which means fewer aches and pains.

Bath salt soaks have been lauded by Hippocrates and enjoyed by the ancient Greeks. Salt baths and mineral baths can be found in Japan, China, the middle east, Europe, Scandanavia, and the United States, and probably everywhere else as well!

Here are my experimences with making bath salts!

Lavender Ginger Bath Salt Recipe
Tangerine Ginger Bath Salt Recipe

Bath Salt Jars

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