A Gelli Printing Adventure

book by Zehra Husain

A Gelli Printing Adventure There are many books out there on Gelli Printing - most come at it from the point of view that you have to buy all the Gelli products, which can be quite costly. This Gelli Printing Adventure book by Zehra Husain, which is free on Kindle Unlimited, comes from the frugal standpoint. It focuses on ways to have the Gelli experience for as little money as possible, using homemade and found objects.

I'm a strong proponent of believing art is an important part of a lowering-stress routine, which then brings a wealth of health benefits. Studies show that art projects can even fight the effects of Alzheimer's! With art being so critical to so many people, it's an immense shame that many are blocked by the high price of art supplies. That's why a book like this is so handy.

Zehra begins by laying out the kinds of supplies you'll want to gather. Yes, she has a few Dollar-Store kinds of items in there for flavor, but she also talks a lot about making your own cardboard combs, bubble-wrap texture boards, and so on. You can use old sponges and used magazines. Bottle caps and paper towel rolls. This is a craft that anybody can get started with.

The instructions for making your own Gelli plate from gelatin are straightforward and fairly inexpensive. All you need is a microwave or other device to heat water.

I've seen some reviews that complain that Zehra's samples are not elegant or refined enough. I think that's missing the point of Gelli printing. Gelli printing is about expressing your own personal point of view. Zehra is making what she likes to make! She's demonstrating techniques that all of us can use to express our own personal styles. We aren't supposed to be duplicating her. We're supposed to be learning her techniques - stamping, textures, ghost prints, and so on - to then make our own. If an artist wants a more elegant result, that's their choice. Zehra has given us the tools.

One could say that the techniques found here can be found on the web, but that's true for ANY book on ANY topic. I dare you to find a book that is about something not found on the web. We buy books because we want the content in an easy-to-use format that's available when we're offline. I can have this on my Kindle when the power goes out and still enjoy an afternoon of relaxing crafting. I can take this up to a cabin with no internet (the shock, the horror) and be perfectly content.

If there's a complaint, it's that it's clear that Zehra is more crafter, less author. The book has some organizational issues and some less-than-stellar phrasing. That's all right. I enjoy the material she's presenting and the examples.

She also provides a number of crafting ideas, like notecards -

A Gelli Printing Adventure

All in all, a good book, especially for those on Kindle Unlimited, and it can save you quite a lot of money with its focus on frugal options.

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