Best Haiku Collection

I adore haiku. This collection of haiku includes some of my favorites from Matsuo Basho and other greats. A haiku traditionally involves three lines, the first having five syllables, the second seven, and the third five again. Because these were originally written in Japanese, the syllable count does not necessarily match up properly in English.

The idea of what is best is always subjective. How does one termine what is great haiku, never mind what is the best haiku? Still, these are the onese I enjoy the most.

Masaoka Shiki
My Life

Matsuo Basho
Autumn Evening
Journey is Home
The Temple Bell Stops
Wake Butterfly

Murakami Kijo
First Autumn
Lotus Blooms

Natsume Soseki
Lamp Once Out
Meet My Parents

Shirao Kaya
Peony Remains Quiet
Sound of a Flute

Shuson Kato
Do Not Rush
Kill an Ant

Tan Taigi

Yosa Buson
Autumn Dusk

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