Batch Watermark Creator Watermark Software Review

Batch Watermark Creator is a very nicely done watermark creator package. It's not the cheapest one out there - but you get what you pay for. It's rather robust, makes gorgeous watermarks, and works quite smoothly.

You can specify entire directories and subdirectories worth of files, with a whole plethora of watermarking options. You can do tiling, specific placement, multiple types of watermarks, and the software applies them all with ease.

I have a business version of this for about $50, but they do have a cheaper personal version for $30.

There are a number of minor bugs. The status bar doesn't update to show how many images are actually in the working directory area. You have to click a button twice somtimes to get the action to perform (like loading in a directory with subdirectories of images).

The only real downside so far is that it complains if you try to save the watermark into the original directory. If it doesn't complain, it won't actually process it either. I use the same directory on purpose because I have my originals saved off elsewhere. I don't mind an "are you sure?" but I do mind a "you can't do that!!" message.

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