Underwater Photography

I love hanging out in the water, kayaking, and swimming. I love having a waterproof camera to take photos with. Here are my tips for underwater photography.

First, you need either a waterproof camera or a waterproof case for your existing camera. I've done both over the years. What I prefer now is a sturdy, inexpensive waterproof camera. They now have 8mp digital cameras that are fully waterproof and under $100. I happen to use the EasyShare Sport, but there are many options. That way you don't worry about it getting banged around, which tends to happen when you're in the water :).

Next, have fun! Swim around. Jump. Splash. Juggle. The EasyShare even has a video mode for taking underwater videos.

underwater photography

underwater photography

You can do funny things with bubbles.

underwater photography

The sky's the limit!

Have fun playing with underwater photos!

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