Philosophy Basics
The Philosophy of the Greeks
Zen Buddhism Basics
Eastern Philosohpy vs Western Philosophy
Metaphysics Basics
What are Morals?
What are Ethics?
Major Branches of Philosophy
What is Philosophy?
Determinism Basics
The Fish Philosophy
Existentialism Basics - The Matrix

Ideas in Philosophy
Ship of Theseus - Theseus' Paradox
Zeno's Paradox - Achilles and the Tortoise
Plato - Cave Allegory

Famous Philosophers
Immanuel Kant Biography
Francois-Marie Voltaire Biography
Søren Kierkegaard - Danish Philosopher
Martin Heidegger - Existential Philosopher
Aesara of Lucania - Book on Human Nature
Aspasia of Miletus - Periclean
Elena Piscopia - First Female Doctor of Philosophy
Theano of Crotona
Hypatia - Famous Female Philosopher

Logic Basics
What Is Logic?
What Is An Argument?
What Is A System of Logic?

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