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Weight Loss - Journaling with Lisa Shea Our modern world makes it nearly impossible for us to maintain a healthy weight. Food is pumped full of sugar and stripped of healthy oils and nutrients. Ketchup has sugar. Mustard has sugar. Salad dressing has sugar! Supermarket shelves are loaded with candies and treats. Fast food restaurants seem to be on every corner, offering us quick, tasty, and calorie-drenched offerings.

Then thereís the other side of things Ė being active. With our busy schedules, overloaded work situations, and lack of sleep, we rarely have time to do anything involving motion. All of those calories simply sit in our bodies, turning into fat.

That leads to the billions of dollars spent on diseases caused by obesity. It leads to people suffering a myriad of health problems that take years from their lives and cause pain and misery.

Itís time to reclaim our health!

This set of 32 prompts takes you through a full month of working through weight loss challenges, plus a bonus day as a treat. Invest a month in focusing on your health, on building a healthy diet, with enjoyable activity, and embrace the you that was meant to be.

This book assumes that youíve done some journaling and understand the basics. If you need help with any journaling topics, I have a 160-page free ebook Journaling Basics - Journal Writing for Beginners which is available on all major platforms. If it hasnít rolled out free on the one youíre using yet, please contact me and Iíll find a way to get a copy to you.

All author's proceeds of the Journaling series benefit battered women's shelters.

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