Decluttering and Organizing - Journaling with Lisa Shea

Decluttering and Organizing - Journaling with Lisa Shea Weíve all done it. Lost our keys. Lost that important piece of paper. Gotten frustrated by the mess that prevents us from doing something we need to do.

Countless hours are wasted each year digging through things, looking for things, and being slowed down by clutter. Money is spent buying things we know we have but just canít find.

The clutter isnít just a mess Ė itís an impediment to your serene living.

This set of 32 prompts takes you through a full month of working through decluttering and organizing challenges, plus a bonus day as a treat. Invest a month in creating a positive living and working environment. On developing an atmosphere which supports you in reaching your dreams.

This book assumes that youíve done some journaling and understand the basics. If you need help with any journaling topics, I have a 160-page free ebook Journaling Basics - Journal Writing for Beginners which is available on all major platforms. If it hasnít rolled out free on the one youíre using yet, please contact me and Iíll find a way to get a copy to you.

All author's proceeds of the Journaling series benefit battered women's shelters.

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