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Welcome to my Home Cooking Recipes Page! It's amazing how much food affects each day you live, but most people just snarf down Quarter Pounders without a thought. Eating healthily, and sitting down and enjoying that meal in a relaxing manner can have a PROFOUND impact on your life. Your body needs time to digest. Your mouth enjoys flavors and textures. Pour a glass of wine and enjoy your meal! That hour of quiet time while you eat and talk and think could really give you an entirely new outlook on life!

Featured Home Cooking Recipes
Pork Chops and Mushrooms

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Tips for Delicious and Easy Home Cooking:
  • You don't need 80 thousand gadgets to clutter up your kitchen. Get a few, really good knives and utensils instead of hundreds of plastic bits that will break and are hard to go through.
  • See what's on sale each week in the store. Find interesting things to do with the fresh fruits and vegetables of the season. You might find a new favorite dish, and food always tastes better when it's fresh!
  • Keep your spices fresh. Get small containers, keep them in the fridge and mark the date you buy them. Spices are MUCH more flavorful when they're fresh and stored properly.
  • Splurge on a vacuum storage sealer. This lets you buy meat in bulk and store the extra in the freezer for a few weeks until you use it all. The meat will taste just as fresh as the day you got it.
  • Enjoy wine! Wine brings out the great flavors, and is healthy for you in moderation.

Comfort Foods

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