Vioxx and Merck - Lawyer and Lawsuit

Sometimes it can be tough to be a drug manufacturer. When their drugs work, people complain that the prices are too high. When the drugs don't work, people band together and sue them, so they lose millions of dollars. Vioxx - a drug meant to help with arthritis pain - was found to actually cause heart attacks and strokes. In September 2004, Merck took it off the shelves. You can imagine what followed.

The fallout of this situation is expected to drag on from 2005 to 2010 and beyond. Current estimates are that over 100,000 cases are pending, because there were so many people take Vioxx. It's not of course that all of these people had heart attacks. It's more that all of these people are furious that they were at the RISK of having a heart attack, without having been adequately warned.

The leader of Merck - Raymond Gilmartin - quit his post on May 6, 2005, in order to let the company restructure itself in preparation for this wave of lawsuits. At issue is the fact that Merck was making $2 billion a year in sales of Vioxx for arthritis issues - even though a study done in 2000 had tied the drug to heart problems. In fact, Merck specifically told its marketing team NOT to bring this issue up.

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