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It is really amazing how much we take our health for granted when we are young. We laugh at old people who talk about their aches and problems. Then, all too quickly, we grow up and realize that we in fact only have one body. That this body we have been abusing and taking for granted is supposed to last us our entire lifetime. Suddenly, taking care of yourself becomes very important.

Here is the research I've done on various health issues over the years.

Exercise Tips
Exercise should be fun! Your body wants to move around. Remember when you used to dance to music as a kid? Regain that love for movement!

Alcoholism and Alcoholics Information
Research into alcoholism has been ongoing since man first encountered wine and beer. We are still trying to figure out exactly why some people can tolerate alcohol well, while others become addicted to it.

Mesothelioma Information
Mesothelioma is a really scary form of cancer. It is caused by asbestos, which is why it is so nasty. You know not to smoke. You know not to do drugs! But how can you possibly know if the place you work has asbestos in its ceilings? So you work there for 20 years, doing your very best to be a good employee, and then POOF you now have mesothelioma and are trying to get cured. Here is what I've found.

Structured Settlement
If you get seriously injured in an accident, often you don't need money just right now, but you will need money on an ongoing basis to help pay your bills. Also, it may be that the person who owes you money does not have a large amount available right now. A structured settlement helps make sure that you get money over a period of time, to help you with your costs.

Vioxx and Merck
Sometimes it can be tough to be a drug manufacturer. When their drugs work, people complain that the prices are too high. When the drugs don't work, people band together and sue them, so they lose millions of dollars. Vioxx - a drug meant to help with arthritis pain - was found to actually cause heart attacks and strokes. You can imagine what followed.

Xanax / Alprazolam and Valium / Diazepam
Xanax (known as Alprazolam in generic form) is a popular anti-depressant. Valium (known as Diazepam in generic form) has been around since the 60s and is a sleeping pill and relaxant. Learn more about these two prescription drugs.

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